The design office of Baroni Marmi is organized to support any kind of request.
The services offered are:
- Analysis of the contract for the estimate.
- Identification and location of positions on the project.
- Direct surveys on the site.
- Total revision of the project received, redesigned entirely on our surveys.
- Exchange of files with other supplyers for a general test. (plant and fixtures executors, GRC suppleyers etc.).
- Implementation of the record drawings divided each piece of the mosaic that makes up each project.
- Sending of files for final approval, with drawings and colored drawings with original marbles.
- Editing folders to be included in the coffers of the work, the drawings of marbles placed on masonry structures with details and assembly (adhesive thickness, fastening systems, right position and assembly instructions).

Direct supervision in the site, where it will be necessary and in accordance with the contract between the parties.