Our laboratory allows us to satisfy quantitative and quality requirements of all levels and difficulties. Our experience with technologically advanced machinery allow us to implement any kind of work

What we have:

1 Omag CNC 5-axis laser scanner size 5000 x 2800 x h. 2500 mm

1 Omag CNC 6-axis laser scanner size 3000 x 1800 x h. 730 mm

Petrini 1 to 3 axes. 1000 mm Max disc cutter CNC


2 CNC lathes to handle columns with a diameter up to 1000 mm, 3000 Mon

Polishing a sorter of size 950 mm

1 polishing molding profiles up to a thickness of 100 mm

3 Cutters and 3 Cutters contouring

1 Chamfering with a bevel up to 15 mm

2 Carrogru of which has a capacity of 15 t. and the other from 10 t