Family tradition, is the key word of the Baroni Marmi.
Since Aurelio Baroni was a child, he attended his father's workshop and felt the love for the beauty that the marble and travertine emanated.
Since 1968, the small family workshop worked at full capacity.
After the premature death of his father and after finished the studies, the captain Aurelio took the reins of the company with decision and ability bringing it to the level of today like few others in the world can boast.
Passion, precison and will to renew the technological instruments till to create new tools just for him as specific request.
The Baroni Marmi has conquered the respect and confidence of many architects who entrusted the company with important and difficult projects, relying on the experience and the ability to successfully complete each project with perfection.
Experience gained in the sites on four continents.
The reliability of the Baroni Marmi has been developed over the years with a careful selection of collaborators.
The staff includes:

- Administration Office that with proven experience makes travel to the our marbles in the world.
- Design Office made of two designers cad (one of them is also the supervisor of the sites) and the Manager himself,
who catching the project finished or at the beginning, allow the correct execution of work until the end.
Moreover our projects ofte have found the solution to customers who were still at the preliminary studies.
- 14 marble expert Master specialized in different sectors. Furthermore the world of the whole chain that goes from the quarries, sawmills, deposits of quality marble to the packaging companies etc.
All chosen based on a single criterion: the highest quality

This is us, the Baroni Marmi.



Baroni Marmi srl
Via Del Lago Trasimeno 14 00010 Tivoli (Rm)
Tel. (+39)0774.381063